Decorating Methods (g)

3-D Engraving - aka 3-D laser carving produces three dimensional images approaching hand-carved quality or sometimes better on fine detail. All 3D laser carving graphic files are fully linear at 600dpi resolution and are 8-bit greyscale graphics containing 256 shades of grey. File format is lossless .tif. The actual size of each graphic can vary greatly.  Proper artwork determines the quality of the result and we recommend having us prepare your art or using a professional service for the best results.  (set up: $80.00, run charge $ 2.80 up to 3 sq. in. and $ .75 per sq. in. over 3) 

Debossing (blind hot stamping) - depression of an image into leather so the image sits below the surface.  Set up: $80.00 (includes die), run charge $ .90 per additional position. Repeat order with 12 months: N/C (100% discount). Repeat more than 12 months: 50% discount. Repeat more than 2 years: a new setup will be charged.

Die Cast Medallions - we use true die casting, not spin casting.  Molten metal is poured into the die allowing us to produce fine detail rivaling die striking.  Medallions are available in our standard finishe: polished brass, polished silver, antique brass or antique silver.

2-D Set up: $125.00 up to 2.25 sq. in. (includes die). $180.00 2.26 - 4 sq. in. No charge for exact repeats up to 3 years. Repeat orders exceeding 3 years will require a new die.

3-D Set up:  $225 up to 2.25 sq. in.  $280 2.26 - 4 sq. in.

Four Color Process Print - full color images are directly printed to product surfaces, metal plates, plastic plates or leather with state of the art equipment at resolutions as high as 5760 dpi. We use an 8 color printer utilizing the CMYK color palette.
PMS color matches will be done via the PMS 4-color process bridge standard. Artwork should be vector based and saved in the CMYK color palette. We can accept .eps, .pdf, .psd and .cdr files. Up to 3 square inches (si) included at $1.50 (g) with additional si (over 3) at $0.38 (g). If plates are needed, the plate cost will be included for up to 3 si. Larger plates or when plates are not included will be quoted upon request. Set up: $70.00 (g)

Gift Boxes - They say that "Presentation is Everything" and that may not be any more true than in the promotional products industry.  Our sharp looking gift boxes add value as well as protection to our products. Our gift boxes are custom made to each product and are normally included in the price of the product for the large majority of our standard items.  We also have the ability to do custom gift boxes, including size, color, printing and packaging.  Please speak with a customer service representative to explore any custom packaging options you or your client may need.

Hot Stamping - dry imprinting process in which a design or type is set on a relief die that is subsequently depressed by heat and pressure attaching a metallic foil onto the printing surface.  Set up: $80.00 (includes die), run charge: $ .60 per additional color/position. Repeat order within 12 months: N/C (100% discount). Repeat more than 12 months: 50% discount. Repeat more than 2 years: a new setup will be charged.

Laser Engraving - a laser beam removes wood leaving a naturally darkened recessed area varying in color from very dark tan to nearly black, depending on the wood species and other factors.  Set up: $ 70.00.

Increased size laser engraving - you may laser larger than the stated size in the catalog on many products (run charge: $ .38 per additional sq. in.). Additional positions may be added (set up: $ 70.00, run charge: $ 1.50 up to 3 sq. in. $ 0.38 per additional sq. in.).

Laser Etching - a direct laser to substrate process using a pretreatment and the heat of the laser beam to create a permanent image on metal or glass.  Sometimes referred to as laser fusing, this technicque produces impressive and consistent results. High detail etchings such as bar codes and photos are possible with this process.  Suitable for outdoor use.  Set up: $80.00, run charge: $ 2.50 up to 3 sq. in.; $ .75 per sq. in. over 3.

Personalization - a charge of $ 5.00 will be added per name or set of initials (one line with a 30 character limit) and $ 4.00 per additional line for title, award, position, etc.  A typed list of names must be provided or there is a charge of $1.00 per name.  Do NOT convert these files to curves and send as a graphic.   If there is a specific font you would like used, please specify.  E-mail files to:

Photo Engraving ­- lasers a copy of a supplied photograph into the wood. The quality is dependent on the quality of the submitted photo. Photographs can be supplied in color or black and white and may be sent to us as prints up to 10 x 12" or as electronic files.  Please be sure that electronic art files are at least the size of the finished engraving or larger and are a minimum of 300 dpi.  Submit photographs of high contrast as close to finished size as possible, the recommended sizes are between 3 x 3" through 10 x 12".  Our art department will silhouette each photo to remove all background images or backdrops. Any additional cropping, touch-up and enhancements can be made to the submitted photos by our art department at our current art rates. Set up: $80.00, run charge: $ 2.00 up to 3 sq. inches and $ .50 per sq. inch over 3.

Plates - plates can be added to many products.  Finishes can be
brass, brushed brass, silver, brushed silver or black, on metal or plastic base material.

Engraved letters are black with the exception of black brass which engraves gold.  Blank plastic plates - $ .90 up to 3 sq. in. and $ .13 over 3 (min. $ .90).  See laser engraving and 4 color process printing for decorating charges on plates Blank metal plates - $1.50 up to 3 sq. in. and $.45 over 3.

Silhouette and Engraving - this lasering technique allows a free standing cut out of any shape to be made and then enhanced with laser engraved details and characteristics of the artwork.  Logos, mascots, letters and symbols are just a few examples of what can be done. Set up: $100,  run charge: $ 1.50 up to 3 sq. in. and $ .38 per additional sq. in.