Artwork Information (g)

Art - art may be supplied in black and white print or electronically.  Digital art work is preferred if properly prepared.  The best art work depends on the decorating process you are using.

Casting dies:  same requirements as laser engraving.

Copy - unless clearly specified on the order, the factory will select the type style, size of copy, position and layout on the product, using their best judgment.

Copy Change - any time your artwork changes during a run of your quantity order, a copy change charge is incurred.   The factory bills a set up charge for each change of copy.  Please see SET UP.

Full color work:  high resolution bitmaps or vector art, .pdf, .cdr, .cpt, .tiff, .jpg, .psd, .bmp, .ai etc.  Minimum resolution accepted is 300 dpi for bitmap art.  Colored vector art preferred.

Reductions or enlargements are provided at no charge.  Our art department can assist you with any touch-up or changes needed at a charge of $ 65.00 per hour with a $ 25.00 minimum.  We accept art via e-mail, download or FTP site.  A Windows® based PC system with the latest version of CorelDraw® is used.  File formats affect the quality of the result; we recommend the following native extensions in the order listed:  .cdr (CorelDraw), .pdf, .eps, .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .psd (Adobe PhotoShop) .tif, .jpg, .bmp (300 dpi minimum, 600 preferred).  All digital art may be sent to:

Laser engraving:  100% blacks on a white background, vector line art with 100% fills where appropriate or 300 dpi or higher black and white

Laser etching:  black & white only, no half tones, vector art preferred

Personalization (laser) - a charge of $ 5.00 will be added per name or set of initials (one line with a 30 character limit) and $ 4.00 per additional line for title, award, position, etc.  A typed list of names must be provided or there is a charge of $1.00 per name.  Do NOT convert these files to curves and send as a graphic.   If there is a specific font you would like used, please specify.  E-mail files to:

Photo engraving:  photographs at 300 dpi or higher, the closer to actual size the better, full color or black and white.

Proofs - proofs are available on request.  To see your artwork at the actual size and location as it will appear on your finished order, request a paper or digital proof. First digital proof is free with all orders; all additional proofs are $ 7.50.  To see the actual product with your artwork on it as it will be completed, request a sample proof ($ 70.00 plus cost of the product  - 7-10 WD or less after receipt of artwork).  Sample Proofs are only available after placement of a quantity order.

Run Charge - all products in this catalog include a single 4-color or laser imprint.  Additional colors, positions and other processes are also available at additional charges, plus set up if applicable.  See Decorating Methods for details.   Catalog minimums apply.

Set Up Charge - a set up charge applies for each order with decorating.  This includes laser engraving, laser etching, hot stamping, debossing, die casting, digital printing, photo engraving and 3-D engraving  Charges apply per position/color/artwork.  See Decorating Methods for details.   Set up charges for exact repeat orders are no charge within 1 year and are discounted 50% if more than 1 year but less than 2 years. Repeat orders older than two years will incur a new set up charge with the exception of die casting. Die casting set ups are discounted at 100% for exact repeat orders up to 3 years, repeat orders exceeding 3 years require a new die.